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A Gathering Place in Olds Alberta

Olds Town Square was born out of the idea of building a community meeting spot where creative types could come together. A focus on feeling good, with wellbeing at the centre of it all. Events are at the core of the OTS mission - bringing folks together - both private functions + collaborative events. Helping folks to celebrate, create or facilitate a workshop is really what lights me up!

Our pal Alanna Knobben of Carry You With Me hosted a Vision Board Workshop last month -events like these are super uplifting - helping participants to tap into their inner wisdom + create a visual representation of what they Envisioned. Alanna's workshops are a relaxing + an introspective experience, the prep work is all done for the guests, so they can show up + create. Alanna then wraps up with a unique reading of the vision boards with insights + a deeper understanding of what it really means. The whole experience is so healing.

If you are seeking to host an event like this or looking to rent space please email Amy for details at

A little bit more about Alanna Knobben...

Alanna Knobben is the founder of Carry You With Me, created from the seed planted deeply after the loss of her precious son Marshall James. Alanna is an international speaker, grief educator, mentor and author. She delivers education, experiences and meaningful mementos to help individuals connect with their story of love and loss in creative ways.

Carry You With Me includes the treasured storybook (which we carry in store), meaningful mementos collection (also in store), live workshops,online community, education, mentorship and the Carry You With Me Online Program.  Alanna is a member of the Global Pregnancy Loss and Infant Death Alliance’s (PLIDA) Education and Engagement Committees.  She continues her education and advocacy with various organizations across North America serving bereaved families and grieving hearts.  

Combining her loves of creativity, connection, people and nature, Alanna provides deep support and multiple offerings on love, loss, healing and personal growth. She is eternally grateful for all the mentors, partners, community members, and loved ones who continue to inspire her and guide her along this path.

 For more information or to connect directly with Alanna please email

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